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It all started in a time entirely separate from now...

My origins lay in Kaduna, Nigeria. My radicalism and lack of fear to delve into the possibilities God has created for me in music, can be traced back to the point in my life when I lived in Kaduna. During this time, I belonged to a Christian family who lived amid a Muslim society. The Sharia fight was happening and during the chaos my house suffered some causalities. God brought me and my family from this situation and strength grew from that. At the age of twelve I moved to the UK. I have found that where I cannot speak, music speaks for me. When I do not have the right words, God speaks through me. The platform of Called Out Music is built on this love for God and on mutual trust between the team I have come to know as family. The hope for this platform is that people will understand there is a higher calling in Christ; no matter where your roots lay. That all versions of creativity will be nurtured and spread the good news. As a result, the rest of my life is blessed, because I have placed God before me. If anything is accomplished, it will be that music is the catalyst that sparks change in people’s hearts. My past has not defined me but what it has done is grow in me a passion for God so resolute and strong. For this reason, I am grateful and optimistic for what is to come.


Samuel 'CalledOut Music' Nwachukwu is a music producer, singer/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist from Hampshire England. Growing up in Nigeria, he and his family moved to the Uk when he was 12 years old. He began playing the piano at church aged 7, after his father bought him a keyboard and he’s sparkled with creativity ever since, working as music director in various churches in the Uk.

CalledOut Music divided his time between writing hundreds of songs in his bedroom and his education & after many years of producing original songs for musicals and featuring on other artists songs, he decided to embark on a solo music career, releasing his first single ‘Working On Me’ on his 21st birthday, signalling the beginning of CalledOut Music.

A devout Christian, Samuel’s diverse music strongly reflects his belief in Jesus, addressing issues people face whilst sharing the good news of the Gospel. Although, he shares an admiration for many Gospel greats such as Fred Hammond & Richard Smallwood but CalledOut Music’s greatest musical influence is Kirk Franklin.

He started the Gospel ministry 'Called Out' with the aim to 'get everyone to have the belief or mindset that they are called out for service to God'. 


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